Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market

Schematics MY86-87


I am a great fan of Saab cars in general and the classic Saab 900 in particular. I live in Sweden, where Saab cars are commonly found and i own a couple of them myself: a low-mileage 900 Aero/SPG MY88 (first used as an internal emission test-car at Saab-Scania AB, a 900 Aero/SPG MY85 which is currenly undertaking a rather crazy restoration and a 9-3 SportSedan Hirsch MY2004.

Even if i have been involved and grown up with the classic Saab 900 and Saab 99, it wasnt until recently (2012) that i came in contact with the (for me) luxury Saab Clarion Audio systems with CD/Equalizer/Anti-theft/You-name-it! It turned out that they were only sold in on the US-market (CA too?), why i can only speculate.

So i started to look for good-looking (Clarion made for Saab sticker on the front!), time typical stereos for my two SPGs. Of course i wanted to have atleat an equalizer for each car and maybe more. I decided that i wanted the MY86-87 version for my oldest SPG as this was the first version with a "fancy" equalizer. For the '88 SPG it felt natural to install the MY88 version.

After doing all the research, all the reading on internet and all the bidding on auction sites i decided to create this webpage as a guide-line to the different models and their equipment. Mainly as i would have wanted to find a site like this myself and to help others in the same situation!

I am no expert on these stereos, other than the information that i have collected about how to install them in the vehicle and which components fits together, i.e. I DONT HAVE ANY CODES to them or knowhow to unlock old stereos you have found in your garage. You need to contact a Saab-USA dealer for that (if you can find one..)

I have invested some money to gather all this information and if you find this information useful, any money donation amount is appreciated, see below.

Last updated: 2017-12-05

Help needed

I need your help to verify that the information on this page is correct, if you find anything on this site that you believe is incorrect please let me know, and if you have more information that i could post i will gladly do so.

Always looking for good high-resolution images of the different parts to show on this site, if you feel that you could contribute with a better image than already present please contact me.


- Added MY88-91 Service manual
- Added Convert to EU Freq page
- Corrected partnumber list for MY87 headunit

- Added MY94 manual

- Added Service Manuals for MY84-86
- Added Equalizer picture for MY92-94
- Added "Donate" button

- Added cable information for blue-DIN on MY92-94

- Added MY93 manual
- Updated partnumber list with MY93

- Added layout approval sketch from Clarion to Saab for MY86
- Added pictures of the Carrying bag for MY86-87

- Added MY91 manual
- Updated partnumber list with MY91

- Added MY89 broschure with many pictures! (PDF)
- Added links to broschures from component pages.